Sober Challenge

Sober October

Do you want to improve your sleep and have more energy? Do you need a break from alcohol to jump start your semester? Sober October is a popular personal wellness challenge to abstain from alcohol for an entire month. 

You've got this! Press pause on drinking, feel refreshed, and feel good about your plan to take a break from alcohol during the month of October. 

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Tips and tracking sheet

Make your goal stick by being specific

When you set your goal, you should also set very clear criteria for what constitutes success (or failure). One way to help make your goal stick is to physically write it down. Seeing your goal in writing helps to set your intention, taking it from something you could do to something you will do.

Out of sight, out of mind

Behavior isn’t all about motivation and willpower. Cues from the environment influence our actions. Studies show that putting fruits and vegetables at eye level in a school cafeteria can increase consumption. You can use this same trick to your advantage by stocking healthy alternatives within arm’s reach, and hiding the things you want to avoid under a sink or in the back of a closet.

Plan ahead to outsmart yourself

You just happen to be the world’s leading expert on yourself, and you probably have some idea about how and when you are likely to stumble. Put up guard rails to prevent yourself from steering off course. Make a list of the most likely setbacks and the strategy or backup plan for each one.

Use peer pressure to your advantage

Tap into positive social pressure by sharing your goal publicly, post about it on social media, and find your accountability buddy. It’s also a good idea to let your friends know about your goal ahead of time so they don’t accidentally tempt or pressure you. Why not recruit others to donate to a worthy cause by joining the challenge themselves?